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How I wish to run the companies I have founded.

I have always been fascinated by entrepreneurship as a young boy. When I discovered that I could exchange goods for liquid money, my outlook on life changed.

This year, amidst the turmoil, I decided to start two business ventures:

  1. MonoHR
  2. Terra Consults

Below are the principles with which I will try to align my businesses with:

  1. Be customer-oriented and nurture customer relationships.

  2. Set goals.

  3. Plan, plan, plan, and do not let things happen haphazardly.

  4. Hire wisely.

  5. Be organized.

  6. Keep detailed records (invoices, quotations, business inquiries, receipts, etc.).

  7. Consistency is key.

  8. Analyze your market and the trends.

  9. Manage time well. Make it count.

  10. It's going to be hard (it already is, lol). Be positive.

  11. No bureaucracy.

  12. Understand your team.

  13. Communicate concisely and clearly.

  14. Maintain an open feedback loop.

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