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Heading back to school

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When I made the decision to drop out of my BSc in Information Systems, it was driven by two primary thoughts:

  1. the course content wasn't meeting my expectations, and,
  2. I realized I could put the funds towards other aspects of my life.

Now, as the first day of school approaches, August 7th, I can't help but feel a mix of excitement and anxiety. Although there are no classes scheduled for the day, the anticipation of the first day of schooling isv still quite nerve-wracking. Do we ever get used to it?

Several uncertainties lie ahead, and I find myself pondering over a few key aspects:

  • My schedule. As a software developer, a startup founder, and a consulting CTO at a fast-paced NGO, my current schedule is incredibly demanding. I'm eager to see how I'll adapt and manage my schedule effectively to accommodate what's expected of me in all my responsibilities.

  • School workload Having reviewed the outline for the Bachelor's in IT course, I find the content familiar and not overly challenging. However, I'm uncertain about the frequency of in-person classes I'll be able to attend given my already demanding schedule. Additionally, I'm unsure how often I'll be required to complete course work and assignments while ensuring I stay realistic about the possibility of missing over 50% of the physical classes.

My aspirations

Despite the above uncertainities, I am driven by two significant and carefully chosen aspirations

  1. Academic excellence: I am determined to be among the top 5 students in my class. This goal aligns with my passion for Maths, coding, computers and feeding my instantiable curiousity.

  2. Startup growth: During this period, I am eager to focus on scaling my startups—a software house (still fixing legal stuff) and an HR process automation company MonoHR. I see this journey as an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and insights that can contribute to the growth and success of my ventures.

The road ahead is uncertain, but I'm optimistic and curious about what I can achieve during this period of immense stress.

Let's go 🚀

Review in 2025.

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